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Superficially Profound…somewhat…

Some of the most asked questions since the beginning of intellectual existence are: “Why am I here?” , “Why was I born?” and ” What is the true meaning of life?” Unfortunately, we may never know the truth. Besides, what the hell does one need with those types of answers. The number of philosophies attempting to answer these questions is innumerable and mostly redundant. They are born from biological, spiritual, psychological, scientific, and theological weaknesses.  Here is a very simplistic list:  

A biological thought is that the meaning of life is procreation. Expanding the human race and connecting and filling the needs of humanity. Reproducing like cockroaches in the face of dwindling resources leaves this theory somewhat superficial. One just needs to watch the world news. 

A theological thought advances dedication to ones religion, connecting with a higher power, completing the requirements that their beliefs manifest as beneficial to humanity. We all need to blame our misfortunes on something. 

A psychological thought towards life is that life is to be enjoyed and is based on the pleasure principle. Thank you, Sigmund. Expanded by Maslow and Rogers, the pleasure principle became one of an individual’s potential and purpose of life. I could go along with this one. 

An existentialist encompasses the idea that we create our own existence by choices. We become what we are by the choices and decisions we make. This I agree with. You are where you are in life due to those decisions and choices you have made. 

A humanistic approach is that our existence is one of helping others by ending the pain and suffering of humanity. Not a bad concept, but unrealistic. On the small scale, it succeeds, on a larger scale, it will be survival of the fittest. 

Other conceptualizations include our needs to help society with our work, to discover new and exciting technology and that there is no meaning of life. 

But the truth is, we exist in our own personal world, tweaking our lives, our potentials and our connectedness to what coexists in our own small environment, hoping we have made the right choices, picking ourselves up when we do not and learning through attrition. 

I do realize that I do not have any answers when it pertains to the meaning of life, other than how I live my own existence, which I try keep as simple, as humanistic and as spiritual as I can possible make it. We each have our roads to walk and our obstacles to overcome, but along the way, we will find places to rest beneath large trees, to sit quietly and feel the cool, refreshing breath of the wind and feel the encompassing warmth of ol’ Sol. Enjoy these times and let your mind and body absorb the peacefulness. And remember that not all answers are important.


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