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No Easy 8…

Ever had one of those days that just as soon as you open your eyes from a good night’s sleep, you instantly foresaw that the day was going to be a challenge?  They say problems, like many other issues in this world, come in sets of three.  Only this morning you sensed those sets of three would be continuous bursts of B/S, intermixed with subtle changes of reality and disenchantment.
First, I need to say that all the motivational stuff I spout really does work, if you let it.  But there are some days when the “connection to all things” falls into the category of “Not now.”  They say that life is a journey, and that not all journeys are easy, but today I say “bite me.”

Lester Levenson once said,
“If we do not like what’s happening to us in the world,
all we have to do is change our consciousness—and the
world out there changes for us!”

But today I said B/S.  I am riding this one out and when it is timed out, it will be a good day.  Like they say, “There is no easy 8.”  So when life is kicking your butt, remember that it’s leg will tire and things will normalize.


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Wake up call…

I thought I would pass this on. It is an email I received recently and understanding that the economy is still in the toilet due to corporate greed and government incompetency, there are many people who are just scraping by financially and others that are having a difficult time keeping their heads above water.  Some have given up, yet others have not… 

“I am writing to let you know that some of the stuff you have wrote has helped me make it throgh some bad days. I have been unemployed for about 8 months now and my savings are almost gone. I do what I can to live cheaper and not spend money, but some days it is really hard. I don’t want to sound like I am whining. I just want to thank you for giving me some hope. Your stuff has helped. Thanks”

I thank you for your kind words and the realization that I need to be thankful for all those gifts I do own. I am humbled by your words and they validate my goal of giving motivation and showing others that they need to give thanks also. Remember that there is always a new day and new opportunities if you can hold your courage and continue moving forward. I wish you all the good things in life and know by your words that you are one of those life warriors I write about. Keep up the good fight and know that what you are going through is temporary. It will get better.

For those of you who have a good life, take a moment and give thanks and appreciate the fact that your life could be much worse.




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Warrior Spirit…

Throughout human history, feats of courage echoed with the savagery of battle. Almost ever society had within its culture, their warriors. From the Greek Spartans and the Persian Immortals up through the centuries to the modern-day elite military units. Some of those warrior societies that stand out in time: the Samurai, the Vikings, the Maya, the Zulu, the Crusaders, the Native Americans, the Romans, the Knights….and the list could continue indefinitely. All had codes that encompassed the virtues of strength, courage, honesty, respect, loyalty, humility and honor. Virtues that we can utilize in our own battles.

Then, there is another type of warrior that receives less distinction. They are called “spiritual warriors”. These warriors can be described simply as someone who’s journey is for self-discovery and who combats the universal enemy: self-ignorance, the ultimate source of all suffering. Another way to put this is that a spiritual warrior is someone who will fight every battle until they become enlightened, irregardless of whatever obstacles they encounter. Though many people loves this concept and the results are one of ridding one’s self of ignorance and acquiring a self focused knowledge of who you really are, most people haven’t got the guts to tackle this fight.

And finally, there is a life warrior. One of the qualities that warriors have is that they perseverance through challenges and hardships. Their goal is to win in war (life) knowing there are many battles (challenges). They do not make excuses for failure. In the face of defeat they simply state the facts as “I did my best and I lost”., taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions and continuing the good fight   Replace the word “war” with the word “life”, the concept of living life as a warrior means you will do your best, accept defeat but not become defeated and persevere to reach your goals. The warrior spirit enables you to get past even the most tragic and desperate events, become stronger and being prepared for your next battle.

Be aware of yourself and know yourself. No matter how much you have learned and how much you know, if you don’t know yourself you don’t know anything. Indeed, if you don’t know yourself you cannot know anything else. People who don’t know themselves criticize others from the point of view of their own ignorance. They consider what agrees with them to be good, and hate whatever doesn’t go their way. They become irritated about everything, causing themselves to suffer by themselves, bothering themselves solely because of their own prejudices. If you know that not everyone will be agreeable to you, know that you won’t be agreeable to everyone either. Those who have no prejudices in themselves do not reject people, and therefore people do not reject them.” Shosan

So, where does all this lead? It leads to your starting point. It is the first step in your transformation from what you are to what you want to be. By thinking as a warrior, you focus on those aspects and goals which will lead you to where you want to be. Whether in business, relationships or life in general, think as a warrior, feel as a warrior and believe as a warrior and you will find within yourself everything thing you need to succeed.



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Superficially Profound…somewhat…

Some of the most asked questions since the beginning of intellectual existence are: “Why am I here?” , “Why was I born?” and ” What is the true meaning of life?” Unfortunately, we may never know the truth. Besides, what the hell does one need with those types of answers. The number of philosophies attempting to answer these questions is innumerable and mostly redundant. They are born from biological, spiritual, psychological, scientific, and theological weaknesses.  Here is a very simplistic list:  

A biological thought is that the meaning of life is procreation. Expanding the human race and connecting and filling the needs of humanity. Reproducing like cockroaches in the face of dwindling resources leaves this theory somewhat superficial. One just needs to watch the world news. 

A theological thought advances dedication to ones religion, connecting with a higher power, completing the requirements that their beliefs manifest as beneficial to humanity. We all need to blame our misfortunes on something. 

A psychological thought towards life is that life is to be enjoyed and is based on the pleasure principle. Thank you, Sigmund. Expanded by Maslow and Rogers, the pleasure principle became one of an individual’s potential and purpose of life. I could go along with this one. 

An existentialist encompasses the idea that we create our own existence by choices. We become what we are by the choices and decisions we make. This I agree with. You are where you are in life due to those decisions and choices you have made. 

A humanistic approach is that our existence is one of helping others by ending the pain and suffering of humanity. Not a bad concept, but unrealistic. On the small scale, it succeeds, on a larger scale, it will be survival of the fittest. 

Other conceptualizations include our needs to help society with our work, to discover new and exciting technology and that there is no meaning of life. 

But the truth is, we exist in our own personal world, tweaking our lives, our potentials and our connectedness to what coexists in our own small environment, hoping we have made the right choices, picking ourselves up when we do not and learning through attrition. 

I do realize that I do not have any answers when it pertains to the meaning of life, other than how I live my own existence, which I try keep as simple, as humanistic and as spiritual as I can possible make it. We each have our roads to walk and our obstacles to overcome, but along the way, we will find places to rest beneath large trees, to sit quietly and feel the cool, refreshing breath of the wind and feel the encompassing warmth of ol’ Sol. Enjoy these times and let your mind and body absorb the peacefulness. And remember that not all answers are important.

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Please…Stop the F’n Whining….

I received this email and liked it, so, I am putting it on my blog:

Let me ask you some questions:

Do you live in a place where you sit and watch your child slowly die because there is no food to fill her bloated stomach?

Do you live in a place where ignorant thugs walk into your church and shoot the congregation?

Do you live in a place where your daughter can be killed because of “honor”?

Do you live in a place where your home is bombed by the government or radical insurgents?


Then stop your damned whining. “I don’t have money for a new I-pod.” “I hate my job.” “I can’t take a vacation this year.”…”woe is me. My life sucks.”

“Think I will just go get stoned or drunk…or rob somebody because I am too much of a loser to be a real human being.”

Get the Hell over it. Stop with the self pity and begin to value what you do have.

You are NOT starving, you are NOT being persecuted, you are not confined to a miserable existence.

You have things that many other envy. You have freedom, you have food, you have the opportunity to better your life and you have the gifts of family or friends.

Granted, there are things in this country that could be improved on. Like a government that operates efficiently, or a lower crime rate, or more jobs. But overall, you DO NOT have it all that bad.

Personally, I hate listening to people whine about shit that is only important to their own self indulgence. You want a better life? Then get off your ass and make it better. Stop blaming others for your own lack of motivation and take responsibility for your own choices and actions.

You can have any type of life you want. All you have to do it work for it. You work towards that goal and you will reach it.

So, either grab onto life or shut the hell up!


Eric, I totally agree with you. This is the same sermon I have been preaching for years, but unfortunately, it flies over the heads of many people and lands out in the back forty, lost forever. The message is simple. If you do not like your life, change it. It is just that simple. Thanks for the email…Preacher


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Alone…Isolation or Solitude?

While common definitions of loneliness describe it as a state of solitude or being alone, loneliness is actually a state of mind and causes people to feel empty, alone and unwanted.  Loneliness, according to many experts, is not necessarily about being alone. Instead, it is the perception of being alone and isolated that matters most.  According to research by John Cacioppo, a University of Chicago psychologist and one of the top loneliness experts, loneliness is strongly connected to genetics. Other contributing factors include situational variables, such as physical isolation, moving to a new location, separation and divorce. The death of someone significant in a person’s life can also lead to feelings of loneliness.

Burt Uchino, the professor who led the research at the Universities of Utah and North Carolina, said: “Friends and supportive people can make life easier on a basic, every day level. They can also encourage you to have better health practices, see a doctor, exercise more. They may also help you indirectly by making you feel you have something to live for.”

Professor Uchino said that the emotional support people receive from those close to them can help put their problems into perspective.  “By having a secure relationship and feeling loved, people live much more secure, calm lives,” 

Kind of a scary thought for those who live alone and feel the pain of loneliness.  Remember, there is a difference between living alone and being lonely.  Many people are living alone and can lead happy lives. It may be of some benefit us to study some of these traits, because many of us are likely to be alone at some point in our lives. 

Points to consider:

Our culture has a high divorce rate.

Statistics show that wives outlive husbands.

Our society advocates self-sufficiency and independence.

Depression: One study found that lonely people showed more depressive symptoms, and that lonely and depressed people alike tended to experience less “togetherness” in social interactions. Research has also found that depression and loneliness can feed off of each other, each perpetuating the other.

Physical Health: Several studies have linked emotional stress with depressed immunity. Other research links loneliness and depression with poorer health and well-being.  That means that people who are experiencing loneliness are susceptible to a variety of health issues.

Loneliness has a wide range of negative effects on both physical and mental health. Some of the health risks associated with loneliness include:

The Health Consequences of Loneliness.

Depression and suicide

Cardiovascular disease and stroke

Increased stress levels

Decreased memory and learning

Antisocial behavior

Poor decision-making

Alcoholism and drug abuse

The progression of Alzheimer’s disease

Altered brain function

Treating and Preventing Loneliness:

John Cacioppo* offers a few tips on how to overcome loneliness:

Recognize that loneliness is a sign that something needs to change.

Understand the effects that loneliness has on your life, both physically and mentally.

Consider doing community service or another activity that you enjoy. These situations present great opportunities to meet people and cultivate new friendships and social interactions.

Focus on developing quality relationships with people who share similar attitudes, interests and values with you.

Expect the best. Lonely people often expect rejection, so instead focus on positive thoughts and attitudes in your social relationships.

* Cacioppo, J. T., Fowler, J. H., & Christakis, N. A…. Alone in the crowd: The structure and spread of loneliness in a large social network. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology…FREE PDF Book.

Language… has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word “solitude” to express the glory of being alone. 

Paul Tillich

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The Essence of Life…

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