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Know your enemy…

Why is it that people can not find happiness or success in their dreams?  Though there are numerous personal reasons, a major factor is the living environment itself.  That major challenge is the negative, cynical attitudes of other people. These people are not your enemies, they are friends, even family members. Well, a couple might be your enemy, but that is besides the point.

If our friends and family are negative towards our dreams or aspirations . . . our friends and family can keep us from reaching our goals.

You get excited about the possibility of a new job, a new idea, or a new image. You decide to give up smoking, lose weight, see the opportunity to better your life or rise to a personal challenge.

Then you tell your friends or family about your plan, and you hear . . . “You can’t do that” . . . along with a list of all the problems and challenges as to why you will never make it happen. 

Your enthusiasm disintegrates. You begin to have some self doubt creep into your dream which diminishes that fire and self-confidence and you begin to think of all the reasons why you can’t make it, instead of the reasons that you can. 

Remember, the world is full of these people that will tell you all the things you cannot do or cannot be. Why? Because they do not have what it takes to succeed and they do not want you to prove them wrong. Do not listen to them! 

If you have a dream, make it happen. Do not let anyone take that faith you have in yourself to make things happen. 

If you have that flame of a dream deep down inside you somewhere, do something about it, and don’t let anyone else diminish it. 

Believe you can, and you will find you can. 

Just do it! You will be surprised how many good things can happen to you! 



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Self Talking…

The failure to understand personal choices can lead to self induced stress. If you feel you are responsible for everyone around you, you quickly reach a burnout. Clearly understanding, therefore, where responsibility lies in each situation is one of the surest ways to reduce stress. Choice implies that you choose to feel pressure or stress. There is nothing inherent in you life situation that requires you to feel pressure. You choose to interpret what you experience as stress. You are the one who labels a situation as stressful. Nothing is stressful to you unless you interpret it as stressful.

The truth is a great simplifier of personal difficulties; self-respect helps you understand self-regard and if you like yourself  by exercising choice, you empower yourself to accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Time to look in the mirror and be honest.  You can lie to everyone else about your self-perception, but you can not lie to the mirror.  An honest look at your self will show you which direction you need to take to make those corrections in your life to move ahead towards success…

So, stop the whining and head for the mirror for some honest, no holds barred conversations with yourself.

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Friends and acquaintances.  We all have both.  For the most part, our acquaintances probably outnumber our friends 10 to 1.  Problem here is that they all influence our lives, both for the good and the bad. But knowing human nature, the scale here tips for the negative.  If someone in your life is just not getting the message you are trying to send them, it is time for you to give up — at least for a while. They might be ready to listen soon, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. You don’t really need them, and it is a waste of your time to keep knocking on their emotional doors if they won’t let you in. What you wanted might still happen, but not with their assistance. That’s okay — you are ready for a new cast of characters in your life anyway.  Dump the losers, keep the winners and build from there.

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