Accept it or Change it…

Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” –Life’s Little Instruction Book

I realize that I am sounding like one of those old timey preachers or a broken record, whichever the case may be, but the topic is important to those who need or want to enjoy life to it’s fullest.  This sermon/recording is about change. No matter if we want change or try to avoid change, change will happen. Nothing stays the same. Spiritually, emotionally or physically. Change is happening right now, as you sit, reading this. Some change we have little or no control over. The process of growing old can not be stopped, but the physical change and the emotional change of growing old can be tweaked. We can face our progression through time with a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. We cannot turn back the hands of time.

The problem lays with the fear we have for change. Something new and different. Right now, many people are living their lives, regretting about past choices and looking into the future, wishing for better outcomes. But in reality, they are living in this moment. They have become so accustomed to this looking back and wishing forward that it has become second nature and to change their lives is scary and many people will choose to live their lives this way because they carry fear inside of them.  Instead, some will simply exist, pretending they are “content” with life, while others will abuse drugs and alcohol, thinking they are living life to the fullest by numbing their bodies and minds.  And some will take the chance to improve the life they are living now.  Which one will you be? 

For those who want to live better, to wake each morning, refreshed and connected with themselves in body, mind and spirit, then begin now.

  1. Get enough restful sleep.

  2. Eat a nutritional breakfast

  3. Get some exercise, whether it is going to a gym or just talking a brisk walk.

  4. Find time to be alone and reflect. Meditation, yoga or just sit and watch the sunset.

  5. Dare to dream.

We have heard this many times from many people and still, many do not get it. Some are not ready and others are too lost. You have but one life to live and you need to live it to its full potential. Go far, take chances and live passionately.

Begin now to live your life or accept what you have now and deal with it. It is your choice.



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2 responses to “Accept it or Change it…

  1. Thank you for the auspicious write up and helping me refocus on what is really important.

  2. You are very welcome…now, just follow through and you will reach where you need to go…..thanks for the comment

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