Finding Inner Strength…

Inner strength: What is this phenomena and how do we tap into this energy? Inner strength consists of willpower, self-discipline, self-control, persistence, detachment, the ability to concentrate and, if you are really in-tune, provides us with peace of mind. Needless to say, though I will anyway, these skills are important all areas of our lives. To break the definition down into basics, inner strength is:

Willpower is the inner strength to make decisions, take action, and complete any goal, regardless of self-doubt or difficulties. Willpower is the ability to conquer negative habits, and succeed in reaching our goals or dreams.

Self discipline is the ability to ignore those pangs of instant gratification in favor of reaching a higher goal. Self discipline is the inner strength to persevere in our actions or plans in spite of challenges or difficulties.

Spirituality is another meaning for inner strength, which is your personal values that you are sustained by throughout your journey through life. Your inner strength does not have to do with how you behave or act, but more with who you are.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

According to all great philosophers, we need to awaken ourselves to the power and beauty of being alive within the present. We are living in challenging times of upheaval and social, economic and personal changes. Even though we have our own personal beliefs of what a positive attitude means, many of us have become overwhelmed with the complexities life and its main ally, information over-load.

To find your inner strength:

1. Looking inside yourself:

The very first step of finding inner strength is to connect with nature and to reflect. Do nothing, sit and observe while breathing slowly and deeply. Get in touch with your inner being and the spirituality within you.

2. Affirm, accept and believe in your qualities:

We all own qualities that make us unique. Courage, determination, compassion and a sense of respect are already within us, even if we do not realize this. These qualities can set you apart and can be validated by using “I am” statements.

Other things you can do to find your inner strength:

A. Appreciate and accept yourself

B. Be forgiving

C. Do what makes you happy

D. Focus on the positive

E. Being patient.

F. Being open.

G. Being thankful to life and the gifts you own.


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