Yes, Sir, Drill Sgt….

I realize there are those out there who cringe at my approach to counseling. “What a Neanderthal!” keeps coming to mind when I spend a couple seconds contemplating people’s reactions. My words to them would be…”Bite me!” Please do not think I am not flexible in utilizing different approaches to assist clients. I can be warm and fuzzy when it calls for those situations, I can be empathetic most of the time but I can be a son of a bitch when needed. Does it work perfectly? No, it does not. Just like any approach does not work 100% of the time. And it is not used on everyone I encounter. 

I am usually quite blunt in telling some one what they need to do to make the changes needed in their lives so that they may enjoy their life. Once they seem open to and understand that they are they only ones who can make these changes, it sets the stage for growth. Those who continue to whine and manipulate their way through our sessions are quickly sent to “boot camp”. 

I do not yell, scream, get in their face and call them names, but the gauntlets are removed and the direction is towards reality. I have compared this to the “Scared Straight” program where young, stupid offenders are transported into prison for a show and tell with the inmates and convicts. All are loud mouth toughies when the first arrive, but within a short period of time, they change. Is this program 100% successful. No, this is not 100% successful either, but it does contribute to a change in attitude and behavior and gives them a much better understanding to the consequences of their choices….


I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor. From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be “Sir”. Do you maggots understand that?


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