What is Change?

So, your life sucks. It is unfulfilling, mundane, dead-end and you need to change it or your head will explode. Well, guess what? You are not alone. People spend billions of dollars on self-help books, trying to find the answer to discovering the secrets of “the good life.” 

Problem is, very few follow through on this path of discovery. The reasons are many that people do not succeed. Lack of commitment, lack of an understanding and lack of faith in their abilities are the top destroyers of successfully reaching their goals. So, how does one get past these obstacles? 

The first is to realize that change is a process and here are the steps you must understand about change: 

Five stages of change have been conceptualized for a variety of problem behaviors. The five stages of change are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. 

Precontemplation is the stage at which there is no intention to change behavior in the foreseeable future. Many individuals in this stage are unaware or underaware of their problems. 

Contemplation is the stage in which people are aware that a problem exists and are seriously thinking about overcoming it but have not yet made a commitment to take action. 

Preparation is a stage that combines intention and behavioral criteria. Individuals in this stage are intending to take action in the next month and have unsuccessfully taken action in the past year.

Action is the stage in which individuals modify their behavior, experiences, or environment in order to overcome their problems. Action involves the most overt behavioral changes and requires considerable commitment of time and energy. 

Maintenance is the stage in which people work to prevent relapse and consolidate the gains attained during action. For addictive behaviors this stage extends from six months to an indeterminate period past the initial action.

For those who need visual assistance:




So, now that you understand the process of change, it is time to take that next step on your journey to a new life. That next step is to “do it.” More to follow


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