Time for a bath, dear…

One of things that really pisses me off when it comes to chemical abuse by children is that many of the parents have no concept of what is going on in their children’s lives.  Some are afraid of alienating them by talking about abuse or they pretend that their child is the “perfect” child and would never indulge in this epidemic.  WRONG….  Many need to wake up to the fact that the abuse of this type of chemical is growing and the need to monitor your children’s lives a priority.  Pretending the problem doesn’t exist can result is situations that will be tragic in nature.  My suggestion is to accept pissing off your teen by being deeply involved in their lives or begin to develop a mature and informative line of communication with them.

Now, on to one of those products that scumbag dealers sell to your children…Bath Salts.

Bath salts are designer or synthetic drugs often containing amphetamine-like substances such as mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) which are similar to the amphetamine-like substance metcathinoine found in Cat or Qat.  Concentrated bath salt products are widely available on the internet and can be found in stores, truck stops and gas stations.

Ivory Wave,
 Ivory Snow,
 Ocean Snow,
 Vanilla Sky, Lunar Wave, Purple Wave, 
Zoom  2
, Aura  Bliss, 
Charge Plus,
 Red Dove,
 Blue Silk ,
Cloud 9, Blizzard ,
White Lightning,
 White Rush,
 Hurricane Charlie,

Bath-Salts‘ Injection Leads to Flesh-Eating Disease

MONDAY, Jan. 16 (HealthDay News) –

The use of street drugs known as “bath salts” can lead to flesh-eating disease, a new study warns. It describes the first known case of necrotizing fasciitis caused by an intramuscular injection of bath salts .

So-called bath salts are sold as synthetic powders that “often contain various amphetamine-like chemicals,” according to the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, which in February warned that injections might cause the ravaging skin condition.

Study authors Dr. Russell R. Russo, a third-year orthopedic surgery resident at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine, and colleagues, saw the effects firsthand.

They treated a 34-year-old women who developed forearm pain and redness after she attended a party. She didn’t have any other symptoms but did have a small red puncture wound on her arm. The women eventually admitted that she injected bath salts two days before her symptoms began.

The doctors reexamined her and determined that she had necrotizing fasciitis. The disease progressed so rapidly that the doctors had to amputate the woman’s arm, shoulder and collarbone and perform a radical mastectomy.

The women later underwent skin grafting and rehabilitation.

Most of the “bath Salts” are manufactured in China.

Tangshan Hengxinda Trading Co., Ltd. China.

Yiwu Dearbody Cosmetic Co., Ltd.China.

Guangzhou Qisheng, China.


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