What do you choose?

You can choose to live in a life filled with stress, anger, hopelessness, or negativity, you can choose to substitute living with drugs and alcohol that numb you to reality or you can choose to not utilize the gifts you own.  Why would you live this way when you have choices?  For some, there is no direction, no road map to a better existence or no idea on how to even begin such a journey.  For others, they lack the strength, motivation, determination or wisdom to make the changes needed to brightened one’s future.  It is matter of settling, of accepting the prosaic and feeling that nothing in their lives will ever change.

There are those who live feeling they have been cheated by life somehow, that the “Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”  Sitting and wishing does not work.  Neither does feeling angry that they have not realized their dreams or completed those goals that they had set for themselves.

But one does NOT have to feel or live this way.  Again, this is a choice that one needs to commit to, rather than sitting and resigning to what is and not what can be.

First step:  Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Plain and simple.  Sometimes people tell me that I am too blunt.  That I need to sugar coat my words.  Sugar coating can work in some situations, but to really smack someone beside the head and make them think, sugar coating does not work….Smack!!!!

Feeling like you can not accomplish any of your goals is a cop out.  If you want something, then DO IT!.  No excuses, no waiting for the “right” time, no dwelling in the negativity that you have created for yourself and yes, you created it.  Now, uncreate it.


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