The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Friends and acquaintances.  We all have both.  For the most part, our acquaintances probably outnumber our friends 10 to 1.  Problem here is that they all influence our lives, both for the good and the bad. But knowing human nature, the scale here tips for the negative.  If someone in your life is just not getting the message you are trying to send them, it is time for you to give up — at least for a while. They might be ready to listen soon, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. You don’t really need them, and it is a waste of your time to keep knocking on their emotional doors if they won’t let you in. What you wanted might still happen, but not with their assistance. That’s okay — you are ready for a new cast of characters in your life anyway.  Dump the losers, keep the winners and build from there.


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