Self Talking…

The failure to understand personal choices can lead to self induced stress. If you feel you are responsible for everyone around you, you quickly reach a burnout. Clearly understanding, therefore, where responsibility lies in each situation is one of the surest ways to reduce stress. Choice implies that you choose to feel pressure or stress. There is nothing inherent in you life situation that requires you to feel pressure. You choose to interpret what you experience as stress. You are the one who labels a situation as stressful. Nothing is stressful to you unless you interpret it as stressful.

The truth is a great simplifier of personal difficulties; self-respect helps you understand self-regard and if you like yourself  by exercising choice, you empower yourself to accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Time to look in the mirror and be honest.  You can lie to everyone else about your self-perception, but you can not lie to the mirror.  An honest look at your self will show you which direction you need to take to make those corrections in your life to move ahead towards success…

So, stop the whining and head for the mirror for some honest, no holds barred conversations with yourself.


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